Film Fatale Launches Speakeasy Film Fatale

tumblr_mces0cMs2n1rr6oino1_500We’re delighted to announce our first ever Speakeasy Film on October 26th, just in time for an alternative Halloween night out.

Hidden in the city centre there’s a hopping joint full of the sweetest looking dames and the hardest trouble boys. A prohibition speakeasy to drink our bootlegged hooch where the fuzz can’t find us.

This Halloween, Film Fatale brings you the speakeasy experience. Held at a top secret city center location, you will have to give the secret password to the moll on the door before you will be allowed come through our secret entrance.

You can find inside people doing the Lindy Hop to our 1920s ragtime band accompanied by fast-footed dancing flappers. You can charleston to DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers as they play their favourite vintage dancefloor hits.

You can drink prohibition cocktails from tea cups (in case the fuzz catch us) while listening to some cabaret in the cellar. There might even be some saucy burlesque and some gambling. There ain’t no rules in this joint.

And if the hedonistic 1920s get too much for you, you can chill out in our pop-up cinema and watch some silent movies.

Show your moxy through the rags you wear and set the scene by dressing up in your vintage finest or pay homage to 1920s silent movie stars, dames and fellas, flappers and philosophers, or gangsters and their molls. This is a Halloween fancydress event where you can party with your favourite dead Hollywood stars, so if you want to go as dead Marilyn Monroe or your favourite hammer horror monster that’s ok too, because there’s no rules in our speakeasy.

Step back in time and party like it’s 1929 as Film Fatale transport you back to the decadent days of Gatsby, gangsters, flappers and 1920s glamour.

The location is secret! A two-minute walk from Trinity College! We’ll send you directions and the password the day of the event. Remember to keep your trap shut, don’t wear iron and no funny business or we’ll all end up under glass.

It’s gonna be swell kid!

11pm till late. Tickets €12



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