Film Fatale presents: Casablanca

Over 30 classic movies, 10,000 vintage songs, 100 conga lines, 20,000 cocktails, 8,000 pearl necklaces, 3,000 bow-ties and thousands of glamorous guys and gals in their vintage finest. Since its inception, Film Fatale has been bringing to life the great parties of the past and now we are celebrating our sixth birthday.

To celebrate, Film Fatale will host a birthday extravaganza in one of Dublin city’s most unique locations — Number 22, a new late-night super club located on the site of McGonagles and the Crystal Ballroom. This will be a red-carpet screening of the world’s most beloved war-time drama, Casablanca that will transport the audience back in time to the iconic Rick’s Cafe Americain.

Join in with the battle of the national anthems and get swept up by the greatest romance of all time. Casablanca is an ageless film that gets better with every viewing and there is no better way to watch it than in our own version of Rick’s Bar.

Watch the movie with a three-course à la carte meal (optional) and table service. Then swing-dance to live music from the Tin Pan Alley Cats and jitterbug to DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers favourite dance floor fillers of the era.

We all know the story of Casablanca. Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy and several years later she walks into his gin joint in WWII Morocco Iooking for safe transport for herself and her resistance leader husband. With the Nazis hot on their trail, her only hope is her old love. Humphrey Bogart stars as Rick Blaine an American expatriate and war profiteer who runs Rick’s Cafe. Ingrid Bergman stars as Ilsa, a woman torn between an old love and her heroic husband Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). All give outstanding performances and do justice to some of the finest dialogue in movie history.

Help set the scene by dressing up in your finest vintage or vintage style attire, pay homage to 1940s wartime heroes and sweethearts or mirror the stars of the film.

Embrace vintage, fashion, music and good old fashioned fun, drink classic cocktails and join in the conga line in our own “Rick’s Cafe Americain”.

February 10th

Doors 7.30pm

Number Twenty Two

South Anne Street

Dublin 2



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