Flagship Events

We want you to re-live the great parties of the past — to travel back in time to the decadent days of Gatsby, gangsters, flappers and Twenties glamour, to immerse yourself in the Dirty Thirties, to travel back to the Fabulous Forties, to swing-dance your way through the Rock & Rolling Fifties, to strut through the Swinging Sixties.

                                                                 Ich Liebe Dich Cabaret                                                                  Journey back to 1930s Berlin for cabaret in the truest sense of the word – tongue-in-cheek, provocative, hilarious and pure entertainment. Ich Liebe Dich Cabaret! is everything we love about cabaret with an added postmodern twist. Travel back in time to the heyday of the Berlin cabaret scene for an evening of classic cabaret, aerial dancing, traditional and avant garde burlesque and dance ensembles set to a soundtrack of hot jazz, cabaret solos and modern-era songs with a bygone-era twist. Ich Liebe Dich Cabaret! will be a decadent celebration of 1930s Berlin — the hedonistic era of dark glamour.

                                                                Gatsby’s Mansion                                                                                   It’s the greatest party era in history and Film Fatale brings it to life. Gatsby’s Mansion is an outdoor-indoor ritzy Roaring Twenties Vintage Party inspired by F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel. One of Europe’s biggest vintage parties, Film Fatale’s annual 1920s summer party, Gatsby’s Mansion, at the glorious gardens and great hall of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham which  is transformed into the epitome of 1920s glamour and decadence — Jay Gatsby’s summer mansion. So pop that bottle of bubbles and fix your braces old sport and join us in bringing the greatest party in all of literature to life.

                                                                    Masquerade                                                                                  Reimagine the great masked balls of film and literature for one night only as the RDS concert hall is transformed into the epitome of vintage glamour and decadence — the masquerade ball. Pop that bottle of bubbles, don your mask and join us in bringing the greatest themed party in history to life.Inside the grand hall, the Masquerade ball is in full swing. Bottles of bubbles are popping, dresses shimmer and sparkle, top hats are tipped, cancan dancers are bouncing, fan dancers dazzling and the spectacular Film Fatale Follies are lighting up the stage. Revel in the spectacle. Watch our porcelain-faced ballerinas, flying-swan princesses, troubadours and a unicorn princess, or spin around the dance floor to the strings of the La Fete Quartet at Duchess Spitfire’s dance class.

                                                                  Danse Macabre                                                                            Beware this Halloween for the door between the living and the dead is opening for a night of unspeakable glamour. The beautiful and the damned will rise again for Film Fatale’s Danse Macabre, Ireland’s most decadent Halloween party. For one night only, the 17th century halls of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham becomes a haunted house with a touch of the cirque du freak. Beware of the strange and unusual. Our fiendish fan dancers, frightful Follies and avante garde performers will haunt the stage for the Danse Macabre show. Our aerialists will tease on the trapeze. There will be terrible beauties and blood-soaked burlesque.

 Film Fatale
Film Fatale’s red carpet film screenings are a love letter to the golden era of Hollywood with classic movies and parties straight off the silver screen. Inspired by movies and literature, Film Fatale parties are the epitome of vintage glamour and decadence.

Ladies, daub that scarlet lipstick. Men, don your mac and fedora. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of musicals, femme fataless, detectives, starlets and heroes as Film Fatale opens the doors of its vintage cinema. Experience your favourite classic films the way they were meant to be seen on the big screen in their original setting, a vintage cinema set up with usherettes, original trailers and red carpets.

We make a trip to the cinema that little bit sexier — vintage tunes fill the air and cocktail glasses tinkle as we transport you back to Hollywood’s golden era. Film Fatale is a night of vintage glamour — a boutique cinema event where you dress to the nines, drink cocktails, watch your favourite classic films, then swing dance to live music from top vintage singers and jazz bands and do the conga to Film Fatale’s resident retro DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers. They will bring you on a journey through from the 1920s to the 70s with sets inspired by the film screening.

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