Film Fatale presents: All About Eve

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” Film Fatale’s vintage cinema is back! Ladies, daub that scarlet lipstick. Men, don your mac and fedora. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of musicals, femme fatales, detectives, starlets and heroes. Experience your favourite classic films the way they were meant to be seen on the big screen in their original setting — a vintage cinema set up with usherettes, original trailers and red carpets.

On Saturday the 22nd July, Film Fatale returns to Dublin’s Sugar Club with a screening of Bette Davis’ finest performance in the superb All About Eve. Davis shines in her greatest role as veteran actress Margo Channing whose hard-edged personality and experience goes up against the wiles of a younger actress — powerhouse versus ingenue, age versus beauty. Joseph L Mankiewicz’s Oscar-winning drama is one of the greatest films about Hollywood, women, acting, ageing and good old-fashioned rivalry.

The real fun begins when the closing credits roll. Stick around for the Fabulous Fifties Party, with live performances and Film Fatale’s resident DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers playing music from the film’s era. This is Ireland’s most glamorous film night so join us and help set the scene by dressing in your vintage finest, paying homage to 1950s glamour or emulating the characters from the film.

Make a trip to the cinema as magical as the movies on the screen. Fill yourself with popcorn and cocktails, watch a rip-roaring Hollywood rollercoaster of a drama and be transported back to the 1950s for a night of film, vintage fashion, dancing and good old-fashioned fun.

July 22nd 8pm-late
The Sugar Club

Dublin 2

Tickets €17




Film Fatale presents: Masquerade

masq-cropFilm Fatale, creator of some of Europe’s largest vintage parties, returns with its most extravagant event yet: Masquerade at the RDS. Reimagine the great masked balls of film and literature for one night only as the RDS concert hall is transformed into the epitome of vintage glamour and decadence — the masquerade ball. Pop that bottle of bubbles, don your mask and join us in bringing the greatest themed party in history to life.

Inside the grand hall, the Masquerade ball is in full swing. Bottles of bubbles are popping, dresses shimmer and sparkle, top hats are tipped, cancan dancers are bouncing, fan dancers dazzling and the spectacular Film Fatale Follies are lighting up the stage. Revel in the spectacle. Watch our porcelain-faced ballerinas, flying-swan princesses, troubadours and a unicorn princess, or spin around the dance floor to the strings of the La Fete Quartet at Duchess Spitfire’s dance class.

A fusion of old and new and an up-beat mix of your favourite vintage dance-floor fillers, and modern-era songs with a bygone-era twist, awaits you as we celebrate the most decadent eras in history — from Marie Antoinette to the 80s New Romantics. Hit the dance floor for dance-your-frock-off tunes from the Film Fatale orchestra — combining swing and strings — to play your favourite dance floor hits from Ellington to the Eurythmics. Dance like no one’s watching to Ireland’s most intentionally acclaimed brass band, Booka Brass. Then immerse yourself in the music as retro DJs the Andrews Sisters’ Brothers take to the stage with their troupe of dancers.

This extravaganza has a dress code, so strictly face-masks and your fanciest or wildest attire. Masquerade is for the vintage queens, the retro kings, the counts and courtesans, the flappers, the disco divas, the bold and beautiful, the fantasists and the other-worldly.  Join us and party with wanton abandonment because for one night only, you can be whoever you want.


Masks and your fanciest attire. Fantasy dress and carnival-themed attire welcomed.


April 15th

Doors 8.00pm

RDS Concert Hall

Merrion Road

Dublin 4



Film Fatale presents: Casablanca

Over 30 classic movies, 10,000 vintage songs, 100 conga lines, 20,000 cocktails, 8,000 pearl necklaces, 3,000 bow-ties and thousands of glamorous guys and gals in their vintage finest. Since its inception, Film Fatale has been bringing to life the great parties of the past and now we are celebrating our sixth birthday.

To celebrate, Film Fatale will host a birthday extravaganza in one of Dublin city’s most unique locations — Number 22, a new late-night super club located on the site of McGonagles and the Crystal Ballroom. This will be a red-carpet screening of the world’s most beloved war-time drama, Casablanca that will transport the audience back in time to the iconic Rick’s Cafe Americain.

Join in with the battle of the national anthems and get swept up by the greatest romance of all time. Casablanca is an ageless film that gets better with every viewing and there is no better way to watch it than in our own version of Rick’s Bar.

Watch the movie with a three-course à la carte meal (optional) and table service. Then swing-dance to live music from the Tin Pan Alley Cats and jitterbug to DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers favourite dance floor fillers of the era.

We all know the story of Casablanca. Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy and several years later she walks into his gin joint in WWII Morocco Iooking for safe transport for herself and her resistance leader husband. With the Nazis hot on their trail, her only hope is her old love. Humphrey Bogart stars as Rick Blaine an American expatriate and war profiteer who runs Rick’s Cafe. Ingrid Bergman stars as Ilsa, a woman torn between an old love and her heroic husband Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). All give outstanding performances and do justice to some of the finest dialogue in movie history.

Help set the scene by dressing up in your finest vintage or vintage style attire, pay homage to 1940s wartime heroes and sweethearts or mirror the stars of the film.

Embrace vintage, fashion, music and good old fashioned fun, drink classic cocktails and join in the conga line in our own “Rick’s Cafe Americain”.

February 10th

Doors 7.30pm

Number Twenty Two

South Anne Street

Dublin 2



Prohibition: The Beautiful and the Damned October 29th


This Halloween, Prohibition: the Beautiful and the Damned at IMMA brings you the 1920s you know and love with a taste of the Underworld — a night of gothic glamour, strange curiosities, the bewitching and the bizarre.

Embrace the darker side of the Twenties at Ireland’s most elegantly decadent Halloween celebration. The juice-joints will be serving blood-red bathtub gin punch. The fiendish fan dancers and frightful flappers will haunt the stage for the Dance Macabre show.

Try our new Guys and Ghouls 1920s speed dating. Or dance for your soul to live ragtime and old-meets-new Twenties fusion, the Monster Mash, and vintage and electro-swing DJs.

In our Parlour room, Film Fatale in association with Bram Stoker Festival, will enthrall and excite with ghastly tales and gothic performances.

This is a vintage-themed event and strictly fancy-dress. We want you to flaunt your inner fiendish flapper or gangster, or pay homage to Twenties horror and silent movies. However you come, we want you to look frightfully good. This is, after all, a night of unspeakable glamour.


October 29th

Doors 8.00pm


Military Road


Dublin 8



Journey back to 1930s Berlin for cabaret in the truest sense of the word – tongue-in-cheek, provocative, hilarious and pure entertainment. Brought to you by Film Fatale, Ich Liebe Dich Cabaret! is everything we love about cabaret with an added postmodern twist.

Travel back in time to the heyday of the Spiegeltent and the Berlin cabaret scene for an evening of classic cabaret, aerial dancing, traditional and avant garde burlesque and dance ensembles set to a soundtrack of hot jazz, cabaret solos and modern-era songs with a bygone-era twist. Ich Liebe Dich Cabaret! will be a decadent celebration of 1930s Berlin — the hedonistic era of dark glamour.


Doors 9.15pm

The Spigeltent

The Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival

Merrion Square

Dublin 2

Prohibition Gatsby’s Mansion August 13th


“In his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”

Already one of Europe’s biggest vintage parties, Film Fatale’s Prohibition returns with its annual 1920s summer party, Gatsby’s Mansion, at the glorious gardens and great hall of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

Reimagine the world of F Scott Fitzgerald for one night only as IMMA is transformed into the epitome of 1920s glamour and decadance — Jay Gatsby’s summer mansion.    So pop that bottle of bubbles and fix your braces old sport and join us in bringing the greatest party in all of literature to life.

Arrive in style to the outdoor-indoor ritzy Roaring Twenties Summer party. Gatsby’s chauffeur will meet you at the gate and bring you to the manicured lawns for G&Ts, bowls, croquet, live music and a bit of Charleston in the sunshine before heading indoors for the cat’s meow of parties.

Inside Gatsby’s majestic mansion, the 1920s is in full swing. The giggle juice is flowing, bottles of bubbles are popping, dresses shimmer and sparkle, top hats are tipped, fan dancers dazzle and the Film Fatale Follies — the epitome of 1920s glamour — are lighting up the stage.

Join Gatsby on the floor for dance-your-spats off and shake-your-tassels electro-swing and vintage DJs, live ragtime, old-meets-new twenties fusion and original music from Stomptown Brass. While down in the cellar, you’ll find gangsters betting their last dime at the gambling tables.

This is strictly a 1920s/1930s event — the moll at the door won’t let you in if you ain’t dressed in vintage style, so put on your vintage glad rags and flaunt your inner Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby, or come as a gangster or flapper.

Can’t repeat the past? Why of course we can!


August 13th

Doors 7.00pm


Military Road


Dublin 8

Film Fatale’s Fifth Birthday: Swing Time and The Golden Era of Hollywood Party


Over 30 classic movies, 10,000 vintage songs, 100 conga lines, 20,000 cocktails, 8,000 pearl necklaces, 3,000 bow-ties and thousands of glamorous guys and gals in their vintage finest. Since its inception, Film Fatale has been bringing to life the great parties of the past and now we are celebrating our fifth birthday.

To celebrate our fifth birthday, Film Fatale will host a birthday extravaganza in one of Dublin city’s most exquisite locations, the opulent and classic Banking Hall of the Westin Hotel, with a red-carpet screening of the timelessly stylish Fred and Ginger rom-com/musical Swing Time.

This red-carpet event will be a love-letter to the entire golden era of Hollywood, celebrating the 1920s to the 1950s. Dress-code is strictly evening attire, so don your most dashing suit, or come along in your most glittering ensemble, as we want you to pay homage to your favourite Golden Era stars.

The event will feature live music from the Film Fatale house band The Tin Pan Alleycats, live dance performances, while Film Fatale’s retro-chic DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers, will play all your favorite songs that have set the dance floor on fire over the past five years.

Swing Time is the perfect film to celebrate Film Fatale’s fifth birthday. Hollywood’s iconic dancing duo Fred and Ginger were the embodiment of early Hollywood glamour and Swing Time is one of their most beloved pairings.

When bandleader Astaire gets cold feet on his wedding day, bride-to-be Betty Furness will give him a second chance, providing he proves himself responsible enough to earn $25,000. Astaire naturally tries to avoid earning that amount once he falls in love with dance instructor Ginger Rogers. Numerous complications, laughs and dance routines ensue along with Fred and Ginger’s grace, humour and some of cinemas most famous dances and scores “The Way You Look Tonight,” “Never Gonna Dance” and “Bojangles of Harlem.”

Join us in celebrating five fabulous years by watching the silver screen’s most enchanting couple before following in their footsteps and dancing the night away at our most glamorous party yet.

April 16th

Doors 7pm

The Westin Hotel Banking Hall

Westmoreland Street

Dublin 2