Danse Macabre Halloween’s Monster Ball

Danse Macabre Poster PortraitBeware this Halloween for the door between the living and the dead is opening for a night of unspeakable glamour. The beautiful and the damned will rise again for Danse Macabre Monster’s Ball, Ireland’s most decadent Halloween party.

For one night only, the grand Concert Hall becomes a haunted house with a touch of the cirque du freak. Your hosts — the divine temptress and dancefloor slayer, Bonnie Boux, and prince of all things unholy, Beelzebub, will lead you through a party that mixes live music, DJs, dance, variety, immersive performances, cabaret and the occasional sacrifice.Beware of the strange and unusual. Our fiendish fan dancers, frightful Follies and avant-garde performers will haunt the stage. There will be terrible beauties and blood-soaked burlesque. Rocky Horror Picture Show Ireland

will show you the moves for Ireland’s biggest time warp. The Sanderson Sisters will stop by for some spell casting and The House of Jeuje Dancers will raise the roof and the dead with their unearthly moves.

Flaunt yourself at our procession as our twisted collective of performers prance and dance. Play old carnival and Halloween games. Find out your future at Madam Mim’s fortune booth. Scream your blood-curdling lungs out at karaoke and try not to be caught by the Brides of Dracula! Dance like the devil to the brass-tastic Kings of Brass. Dance for your soul to Gin and Juice, and sacrifice yourself at the alter of DJs Przem and Pyrotek and their devilish dancers.

This is an alternative Halloween extravaganza and strictly fancy-dress. It is a night for the surrealists, the ghosts of Weimar, the resurrected voguers, the masqueraders, the gothic goddesses, the vamps, the femme fatales, the steampunk princes, the vintage queens, the retro kings, the flappers, gangsters, the fantasists and the other-worldly, the beautiful and the damned.

Join in the spectacle and however you come, we want you to look frightfully good

RDS Concert Hall, Dublin 4

October 27th, 8pm


Film Fatale presents: The Great Gatsby Party

Gatsby PosterFilm Fatale is back! To celebrate our eighth birthday, we return to where it all began — The Sugar Club. This time we’re bringing the sparkle and glitz of our famous Gatsby’s Mansion IMMA party to the intimate and luxurious surroundings of Dublin’s most famous cinema club.

Relive the era of Gatsby and vintage glamour at our Roaring Twenties party where you will dance yourself into a Charleston frenzy with Dublin’s most famous Vintage DJ duo, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers.

The giggle juice will be flowing, bottles of bubbles will be popping, dresses will shimmer and sparkle, top hats will be tipped, the gambling table will be jammed, fan dancers will dazzle and the Film Fatale Follies — the epitome of 1920s glamour — will blaze the stage.

This is strictly a 1920s/1930s event — the moll at the door won’t let you in if you ain’t dressed in vintage style, so put on your vintage glad rags and flaunt your inner Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby, or come as a gangster or flapper.

So pop that bottle of bubbles and fix your braces old sport and join us in bringing the greatest party in all of literature and film to life.

                           Friday. February 22nd. Screening 7.30pm(sold out). Party 11pm                                                                               
The Sugar Club. 8 Lower Leeson Street. Dublin 2

Tickets to Party €12 online or €15 on the door


Prohibition: The Beautiful and the Damned October 29th


This Halloween, Prohibition: the Beautiful and the Damned at IMMA brings you the 1920s you know and love with a taste of the Underworld — a night of gothic glamour, strange curiosities, the bewitching and the bizarre.

Embrace the darker side of the Twenties at Ireland’s most elegantly decadent Halloween celebration. The juice-joints will be serving blood-red bathtub gin punch. The fiendish fan dancers and frightful flappers will haunt the stage for the Dance Macabre show.

Try our new Guys and Ghouls 1920s speed dating. Or dance for your soul to live ragtime and old-meets-new Twenties fusion, the Monster Mash, and vintage and electro-swing DJs.

In our Parlour room, Film Fatale in association with Bram Stoker Festival, will enthrall and excite with ghastly tales and gothic performances.

This is a vintage-themed event and strictly fancy-dress. We want you to flaunt your inner fiendish flapper or gangster, or pay homage to Twenties horror and silent movies. However you come, we want you to look frightfully good. This is, after all, a night of unspeakable glamour.


October 29th

Doors 8.00pm


Military Road


Dublin 8

Film Fatale presents: Prohibition Halloween Party IMMA


Friday  31st October

Step back in time and party like it’s 1929 as Film Fatale transport you back to the decadent days of Gatsby, gangsters, flappers and 1920s glamour.

Hidden away from the prying eyes of the fuzz, there’s a hopping joint full of the sweetest looking dames and the hardest trouble boys, a prohibition night that will evoke the mood of a 1920s speakeasy for you to drink your bootlegged hooch and celebrate this hedonistic era with wanton abandonment.

This Halloween, Film Fatale brings you the Prohibition-era experience. Dublin’s IMMA will be transformed into an opulent 1920s Halloween fancy-dress party, the kind of elegant yet wild soire that would do Jay Gatsby proud.

Inside the majestic doors of IMMA, there will be fast-footed dancing flappers in sparkling ensembles, exotic fan dancers, people Lindy Hopping to our 1920s ragtime band or doing the charleston to retro DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers.

There will be one room dedicated solely to 1920s and 1930s Prohibition era, the music it has inspired and dance-your-socks off electro swing. IMMA’s gothic chapel will become the Punch Parlour, a perfect place to do the monster mash, or dance to your favourite vintage hits from the 20s to the 70s.

Drink prohibition-era “bathtub gin” punch, listen to cabaret and have your photo taken at the silent film photo booth. There might even be some saucy burlesque and some “gambling”. There ain’t no rules in this joint.

Show your moxy through the rags you wear and set the scene by dressing up in your vintage finest or pay homage to 1920s silent movie stars, dames and fellas, flappers and philosophers, or gangsters and their molls. This is a Halloween fancydress event but the dress code is vintage inspired.

Tell your friends, people you like but trust but no one else —this event is on the QT so shhh! Keep your trap shut, don’t wear iron and no funny business or we’ll all end up under glass.

It’s gonna be swell kid!

 Tickets €20


Doors 8.30pm


Royal Hospital

Military Rd


Dublin 8

Film Fatale presents: Psycho and The Swinging Sixties Vintage Party

Psycho thumbnail

Saturday 18th October
The Sugar Club

EECH! EECH! EECH! EECH! EECH! It’s the sound of terror! Celebrating the Halloween season in true style, Film Fatale will unleash Alfred Hitchcock’s chic and chilling classic Psycho on Saturday 18 October.

Few Hollywood directors can combine horror with couture to such creepy effect, making Hitchcock’s Psycho the perfect Film Fatale film leading up to Halloween.

A femme fatale on the run and a shy, handsome in-keeper with a secret, director Alfred Hitchcock brings us on a journey to The Bates Motel, a remote, aged lodge with a terrifying story to tell. Who is Norman Bates? And what is wrong with his mother? Is anyone in the Bates Motel safe? Even if you know the answers, you still can’t prepare for the scares that are so beautifully punctuated by Bernard Herrmann’s score of screeching violins, violas and cellos.

The Film Fatale Swingin’ Sixties party will follow the screening, where you can go-go dance to our live band, and do the twist to resident retro DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers, who will be playing music from the film’s era.

The audience is invited to help set the scene by dressing up in their vintage finest, paying homage to 1960s or mirroring the famed sartorial style of Hitchcock’s heroines. Film Fatale will set the scene with a mini recreation of the 1960s in The Sugar Club side bar — a perfect chill-out room where you can step away from the busy dance floor and sit back with your 1960s bespoke cocktail designed especially for the night.

Join us at Film Fatale for a screening of this glamorous suspense-horror masterpiece and a night of sixties Hollywood glamour, vintage music, cocktails and dancing.

Please note: people with a weak disposition will be tied to their seats and have their eyes clamped open to ensure they don’t miss a single second of suspense and horror. We are not responsible if the ‘horror’ causes you to have a heart attack but we will call you an ambulance. Dressing up as Psycho is fun. Trying to kill fellow movie goers is not.

Tickets €15/€16

Doors 8pm

Lower Leeson Street

Dublin 2


After-party from 11pm with tickets €7 on the door only

Facebook Event


Saturday 18th October
The Sugar Club

Embrace the Swinging Sixties on October 18 for a night of cocktails and dancing, vintage glamour and retro music, in The Sugar Club, Dublin. Film Fatale’s 1960s Mad Men-esque party will celebrate the fashion and music of one of the greatest decades.

Slip into the sixties with live music from Miss Truly Divine and her Indulgents, followed by the queen of sixties style and music, DJ Dandelion and retro chic DJs The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers who will be your trustworthy guide to all things vintage, bringing you on a tour of music evolution with your favourite dance floor fillers from the late 1950s through to the 1970s and the days of Disco.

Pay homage to the 1960s by dressing up in vintage style. Embrace fabulous swing dresses, mod chic, go-go glamour, Don Draper cool, or 1960s rebel style, or just your vintage finest, and imagine you are in Mad Men with our 1960s-style cocktail bar.

€7 on the door only

Facebook Event